How to Knit a Hat for Beginners

Method 1 – Knitting on Straight Needles – For Absolute Beginners

Though traditionally knitted beanies and slouchy hats are typically knit in the round with circular and/or double pointed knitting needles, for absolute beginners, this style of knitting technique could prove to be a tad intimidating.

The whole idea of knitting a hat as a beginner project is so that it is fast, fun and compelling enough without any aggravation or tears and frustration at complicated techniques.

Circular needles and DPNs require a little finesse and getting-used-to, so if you are super new to knitting, know that knitting hats can also be done with back and forth knitting on your straight needles. And then it is sewn into a round shape using the easy mattress stitch.

Here’s a video for how to knit a hat real simply.

Knitting Skills Needed

To knit your cozy beanie in garter stitch, you will just need to know the basic knit stitch only – and you may have already mastered that.

To knit the hat in the commonly used stockinette stitch, you will require the knitting as well as purling stitch mastery. But it’s still very simple!

And to shape the top of your hat, or the crown, you can learn the knit two stitches together (K2Togh) stitch – very easy – just watch a short video and you will know how simple it is.

Loom knitting is another easy way to knit a hat for beginners, but in this post I’m going to stick to regular knitting with needles.

Knitting Supplies Required

1. Straight knitting needles – Size 7

2. Worsted weight yarn – any color you love. Choosing a shade that you like is important, so that you don’t get bored too soon and give up on such a super easy and fun project.

Cool Tip – Go for super chunky yarn and really thick needles for knitting hats in a couple of hours or less!

3. Scissors

4. Tapestry needle

The Beanie Knitting Technique

1. Cast on 80 stitches for an average sized adult hats for females and/or males. For a smaller head, cast on 74-76 stitches.

2. Row 1 – Knit across the entire length. Turn your work.

3. Row 2 – If you desire a stockinette stitch hat with a cute, curled-up brim (girls love those!), purl this row. Otherwise, for a garter stitch hat, knit across again.

4. Keep alternating between knit and purl rows (or just knit rows), till your hat measures up to inches or more.

5. End at a purl row (if doing a stockinette hat), or plain knit for garter, and start the decrease to shape the crown of your lovey, soft winter hat.

6. Knit 8 stitches, then knit two stitches together. Continue till the row ends. Turn.

7. Purl/knit as per your pattern.

8. Knit 7 stitches, then K2Togh again till the end of the row. Turn your work.

9. Again, purl or knit as per your hat’s design.

10. Continue decreasing in this manner, with one less stitch in every even row and knit/purl every odd numbered row, till 16 or less stitches are left on your knitting needles.

11. Now, cut your yarn, leaving at leats 18 inches of a tail – for sewing up your hat.

12. Thread the yarn needle with the tail end and by working from right to left, lift stitches from the needles and pull them together on the thread.

13. Pull tight to close up the hole on top and tie on the worn side of the hat.

14. Using the mattress stitch and the tail end of the yarn, sew the hat close by picking and stitching across the corner stitches. The mattress stitch is perfect for creating an invisible seam for your hat.

15. Weave in the end in the wrong side of your work and you’re done with a beautiful, soft hat to keep you warm and toasty in the winters!

Blue knitted hat

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  1. You make it appear so easy with your presentation but I am not finding it so simple. I have not ended with a great hat. I think I know where it went wrong, so I will try again.

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