How To Loom Knit

In this article we assume you’ve already looked into loom knitting for beginners, you have your loom and you want to give it a try. Now we’re going to give you practical instructions for how to loom knit.

The Supplies:

Round loom
1. A round loom.

2. Yarn – to begin, you may want to use bulky yarn, which will make your knitting grow faster. But not too chunky or the result will be super thick.

3. A knitting/crochet hook. (This is optional. Some people just prefer using their fingers and that works perfectly fine.)

Casting On in Loom Knitting – Step One

All the loom knitting patterns begin by a simple casting on to the loom. This just means taking the yarn and then strategically wrapping it onto the pegs on the loom. The e-wrap is one of the most basic loom knitting cast ons (there are many ways to do it).

Here’s the simplest one:

1. Start off by making two small loops at the tail end of your yarn.

2. Then, take a look at a small hook provided at the base of the loom. Pull the right loop through the left one and then place it on that hook.

3. Pull the yarn tail till it is nice and tight.

4. Wrap the long end of the yarn in a clock-wise circle on your loom’s peg, which is to the right of the peg, next to the bottom hook.

5. Then, simply start looming by wrapping around each peg once and then going clock-wise around the entire loom.

6. Continue the same way a second time, except for the peg on the side.

7. Wrap your super soft yarn around the side peg a couple times when you are done looming, so that the yarn doesn’t unwind.

8. Now for the fun part – pull each bottom loop over the top one and take it off the peg. Keep repeating with every peg, excluding the side peg.

Congratulations! You just casted on for your first loom knitting project. Bring out the bubbly!

Or, here’s a video to help you out if you had trouble there:

Knitting with a Loom – Step Two

There are many different ways to knit on a loom, but we list the easiest one for all beginner loomers.

1. This knit stitch portion is pretty easy – just wrap the yarn around each loom peg again in the same way as before, so you are left with two loops on each peg, and wrap the yarn around the side peg a few times.

2. Now, pull each bottom loop over the top one on each peg of your loom – once again.

3. Keep repeating this step over and over again till your project is as long as you want.

4. Now, you bind off.

Binding Off in Loom Knitting – Step Three

The final step in loom knitting is to remove your knitting from the loom safely, without losing any loops, and this method is called “casting off” or “binding off”.

Here’s what you need to do to bind off easily – we have listed two simple techniques:

1. Cut a long tail from your working end of the yarn. The length you require depends on the size of your completed knitting piece, but generally 1-2 feet long enough on a loom.

2. You can utilize a crochet hook and simply crochet through each loop as you remove it from each peg on the loom. Then do a chain 1 between each loop.

Or, you can use a darning or tapestry needle and sew through each loop as you remove it along the loom.

Or, here’s a longer way:

Fun fact about knitting looms – Looms used for knitting aren’t looms at all as looms are used for weaving, and not for knitting.

Well, this was our guide on how to loom knit. There’s a ton of information and tutorials online and many free loom knitting patterns which you can use to make anything from a stuffed panda to a felted throw.

Now, all you need to do is start looming!

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    1. That’s right. When you buy them, you can get round looms or long looms. Both types generally come in sets of 4 different sizes.

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