Loom Knitting For Beginners

Loom knitting is super easy, fun and fast – perfect for beginners. If you have ever been curious about knitting, then this is the perfect way to get your hands dirty, do some quick knitting and play with lusciously soft yarn, without any fears of messing up.

A knitting loom is typically a round shaped or a long board-like frame with many equally-spaced pegs on it.

Loom knitting with fingersYou can indulge in loom knitting by wrapping your favorite shade of yarn around the pegs and, then by using a hook or by your fingers, pulling one loop of yarn over another – simple, easy-to-learn and tons of fun!

In fact, round loom knitting is practically fail-proof. That is why both kids and adults alike can loom knit and create beautiful and treasured items like hats, scarves, baby suits, mittens, cowls, blankets and so much more.

When it comes to loom knitting, you’re only limited by your imagination!

Loom Knitting Versus Traditional Knitting

Knitting with two pointy needles requires technique and some skill. There is a precision to it and certain rules that must be followed to get the desired results. Take some lovely looking yarn and knitting needles and show a knitting stitch or two to a lay person and they are more likely to back away, feeling intimidated and a tad overwhelmed. On the other hand, a knitting loom makes you curious about knitting, and makes you want to experiment and play with it.

Plus, these make for a great gift for kids! Hours of pleasure and no mess or fuss – a perfect holiday present for kids of all ages. Or, we have a video on how to begin regular knitting, for kids.

So, to break your way into the world of knitting in a fun and mistake-proof manner, get a round loom and soft, chunky yarn in your favorite shade and get looming!

What Type of Loom Should You Get?

Before we begin the basics of loom knitting, know what types of loom you need. There is a huge variety available in the market. From small, round looms that can make the most perfect baby hats and the cutest of socks, to huge ones that can easily churn out an adult sweater or a lap blanket. Then there are all shapes and sizes of rectangular looms available which can be used to create and knit almost anything.

Some knitters might tell you to choose a loom based on gauge size – the space between one peg and the other – but we feel there’s no need for that as most major brands tend to have similar gauge.

Knitting looms also come in many forms and material – you can buy wood, metal, or plastic looms. Plastic looms are the easiest to carry around and super light. They are also the best option for kids who may like looming. Wooden looms are slightly more costly than plastic and metal ones. Experienced loomers might want to add wood based looms to their arsenal of knitting supplies.

This is an adjustable wooden loom:

Wood knitting loom

Another point to note when buying a loom, don’t go for how long your knitting projects should be; instead, buy a loom that is wide enough for your looming needs.

Our recommendation – if you’re starting out, just get an average sized round plastic loom for now. It will be enough to make many types of knitting projects – from flowers to hats, scarves, baby bunting suits, socks, mittens, baby booties and so much more.

Pick one that fits your budget and you’re good to go and start knitting!

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  1. With that long loom, do you still end up with a tube of knitting as if it was a circular loom? How would you increase or decrease?

  2. Hi There! We are searching for experienced knitters to join a show and tell session in the Chicago area.

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